February 7th, 2011


Hey, look, a journal.

     So, some of you may have been wondering where I've been for a while. Well.

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     The weirdest part of this is that the crazy hasn't just been localised to my immediate vicinity. For the last week or so, Wellington has felt strange, like a powder keg that's just waiting to go off. Everyone seems to be on the brink of snapping. If it continues, I predict random and senseless violence will start flaring up. The nights have been darker, and the darkness has been palpable. It's like Gotham City after the Joker starts wreaking havoc, or New York City in 'Watchmen'. The whole world feels dangerous, like the lunatics are in charge and the only people you ever see, or worse - something is turning everybody, no matter how sane, that bit closer to the edge. Caleb was feeling closed in a few nights ago, and there was very little to help him. Relationships are crumbling like dry sandcastles, relationships that were meant to be solid. Priorities are reversed.
     If this sounds scary, it should. I'm actually a little nervous in this city at the moment. I'm glad most of you are out of it.

     I was having a discussion with a good friend about an innocuous topic, and he disagreed with me. It wasn't important, something about his reasons for joining a club, and we disagreed. My friend, and suddenly all I wanted to do was punch him in the face.
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