October 9th, 2011


Back again (again)

Is it customary to repeatedly apologise for not updating as often as I'd like, only to disappear for another month or so?

I've been lurking on my own journal, and reading my friends page daily, posting comments when something takes my interest (although there's a few comments that I've been meaning to leave for a few days now).

I guess this is to say I'm still alive. I've laid out a list of everything I have to do before the end of the year, and it doesn't seem quite as unbearable on paper as it does in my day-to-day life (although I didn't get out of bed until 5 p.m. today - I read and watched episodes of The Daily Show instead). So I don't foresee any reason why I won't be updating more often from here on out.

Just wait. I'm sure I'll find yet another distraction, although I sincerely hope I don't.
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