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I have two minutes to not do stuff, so here's a birthday update!

      Tonight, I'm going out with Boyfriend (kind of a long story, but unimportant) for dinner, which promises to be good and satisfying (better be, seeing as he's been working for the last five days and ended up missing most of the celebrations). But the celebrations for me turning twenty-three have stretched out over the better part of the last week, so here's a glorious update.

     Thursday night went quite well, and it wasn't until eleven p.m., having massive jugs of passionfruit cocktails with a group of new friends, that I realised this was going to be quite an experience. I got a kiss at two minutes after midnight, wandered through the middle of a fight that I momentarily found myself engaged in, and watched Die Hard when I got home. By five a.m. Friday, I'd already accomplished more than I do most birthdays.
     I wandered around an art gallery Friday afternoon, called my parents, and stacked up the list of birthday greetings that were arriving by various methods of transport (including a 'Happy Birthday, Russ' scrawled on a brick wall near my apartment, the writer of which I still have yet to identify). Late Friday afternoon, the film department at the university met for their end-of-year shindig, and I tagged along, and proceeded to get a few drinks on the university's tab, a wonderful lecturer buying me dinner at the Korean restaurant just down the street, and karaoke with a bunch of film tutors (seeing the guy who taught you Deleuzean theories doing a pitch-perfect rendition of Eminem's 'Stan' is quite an experience, I can tell you). On the way to the karaoke bar, I ran into a few friends, one of whom just happened to be carrying my birthday present with her: a tiny, completely functional spyglass. Considering I wasn't expecting gifts at all, let alone from people I've known only through my Sunday RPG, it was quite awesome.
     After that, my Buddy with Benefits (which both does and doesn't mean what people think it does) showed up on my doorstep, and as we both share the 19th as our birthday, we had a few drinks and I woke up at his place at 2 p.m. on Saturday, having watched a movie and fallen asleep.
     Saturday night my old flatmates wandered over and we had drinks at various places across the central city, winding up relatively inexpensively at Burger King. It was excellent to see them again and we've made a variety of plans for the near future, including Dario Argento movies and board game nights. No idea how many of these plans will come to fruition, but we're making an effort, I think.

     After Saturday, things slowed down a bit, but I came home from my Sunday RPG to find birthday wishes from all the American friends on my flist (including a playlist from karaokegal and a very nice wish from little_tristan, who very kindly took time out from everything she's working on - thanks!), and went last night to Apollo 13, an interactive theatre production that almost feels like a LARP. I'd been to it before when it came in the arts festival, but a friend hadn't been so I offered to attend with him. All the interactive seats had been filled, so we bought 'Press Gallery' seats, but then he was selected to be the third astronaut in the play and I got shifted up to an interactive seat. Which was excellent, considering the interactive seat happened to be exactly the same one I was in last time, so I got to do the same show over again, and join the actors for a bow at the end. Was amazing, but I think twice is enough for most shows, and I got everything I could out of the second time.

     So that's the break-down. I am now 23 and looking forward to putting my feet up and taking a break, once I do all the things I've been putting off for the last few days. So many movies to watch.

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