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Wow, I've left this for some time.

     Okay, so the more perceptive of you may be wondering why I haven't been around for some time. Some of you probably got on with your lives.

     I've started tutoring at the university, which is very enjoyable, even if my faith in the general intelligence of mankind faltered a little when I learned that nobody in my second-year tutorial apparently knew who Alfred Hitchcock was. This was unfortunate, as I'm pretty sure they watched at least one of his films last year.
     If I recall correctly, I gaped momentarily before asking:

'Really? Hitchcock? Psycho, Vertigo, Strangers on a Train? The Birds, Rear Window, Rebecca, The Man Who Knew Too Much, North By Northwest?


-hums the Alfred Hitchcock Presents theme-


'Are you sure I'm in the right tutorial?'

     So, the short answer is that I'm crazy busy. However, I hope to fill you all in on events shortly. And I have an idea for more writing that I may get to before I go to sleep, or I may leave it until a later point.

     Hope all y'all are well.


My sister lecturing 2nd year military history students: Alright guys when did world war 1 start?

Class: Silence

Sister: Anybody?

A brave soul raises thier hand: "...1900?"

Sister: ... ...

General at the back: Excuse me tutor could you please leave the room for a moment?

Sister: ... ... sure. *leaves*

The yelling could apparently be heard for some distance.
Hey! Nice to hear from you. I noticed your absence from my friends' list, but sometimes people move on (or have a tonne of stuff to do!). But I'm glad you're posting.

Second years. They are like first years, only less adorable?