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The Wolves' Screening Room

Living vicariously through others since 2010.

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19 November
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I get the impression that this apparently tiny box could continue indefinitely. One of my favourite words in the English language is 'neuroses'. I used to be able to recite Lucky's rant from 'Waiting for Godot'. I know all the lyrics from Radiohead's 'OK Computer'. I am convinced that an OK Computer/White Album mash-up would be a roaring success. I am writing a screenplay about werewolves. Mythology intrigues me. Films intrigue me. Most of all, I am intrigued by how we negotiate the minefield that is human interaction with any success at all, given all the inherent variables. One day I will visit Hicksville, a small town on New Zealand's east coast that has a printing press and a beautiful lighthouse. In my spare time I am a convenience store in New Mexico.

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